Paulk Images Paws Pads & Places
 For more than 25 years, We have owned our own business, designing and building homes. We love creating something warm and inviting, from nothing. Along the way, we built relationships and became close friends with our clients and colleagues, sharing in celebrations, holidays, laughter and sadness. In 2008, when the recession began and the housing market came to a standstill, we found ourselves with something we’d never had. Time. We were still plenty busy, but the dead run pace, that we had been on for many years suddenly slowed to a trot and then to a stroll. Ironically, we found that the slower pace, reduced overhead and smaller projects allowed us to be more hands-on with the work, were more profitable and ultimately, more enjoyable. Without having to juggle so many projects at once, we found ourselves looking around and wondering what to do to fill the spaces that had once been jam-packed with work, stress, employees, decisions and obligations. We actually had time to do the things that we were passionate about. We dug out our cameras, cleaned them up and began to invest ourselves into photography in a way that we hadn’t for many years. We started by documenting our own work and portfolio with projects that we created and participated in and then moved on to documenting others' work. In the same way that we loved building and designing, photography has enabled us to find a level of creativity and satisfaction that is exhilarating, interesting and fun. For more than 30 years, Ron has been a constant student of photography starting with portraits, wedding and sports photography in the "film days " and moving into nature, landscape and architectural photography. Ron is passionate about delivering the highest quality images and processes them personally. Chris specializes in landscape & lifestyle photography, capturing everyday moments in a unique way. And we are BOTH are passionate about capturing the positive joys of Man's Best Friends! We take pride in using our extensive skills to capture your favorite pet or beautiful home. Ron & Chris Paulk